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Cory Fraser

Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar

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As a solo fingerstyle guitarist living in Ottawa, Cory recently embarked on the path of learning, performing and sharing a diverse variety of acoustic music. While many of his songs may not be recognized from the popular music scene, the energy and emotion of his eclectic set lists will captivate fans of all genres.

Combining melodies, harmonies, bass lines and percussive elements into every song, Cory's technical abilities provide an entertaining visual experience that accompanies the multi-layered soundscape he creates with only a single instrument. His unique playing style and sound have been displayed at venues across Eastern Canada, including open-mics, house concerts, and weddings.

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Booking, Events and Services

Cory offers a wide range of services including public performances,  wedding accompaniment, living room concerts, and session recording. With years of experience as an acoustic instrumentalist, you can count on him to meet your guitar needs. Read on to learn more!

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Private Concerts

Hosting a house party, but want a musical experience that's a little more intimate than Spotify? Get in touch with Cory to discuss booking a living room concert! All you need to provide is a room and an audience - then just sit back and enjoy the music.


Adding a peaceful and joyous ambiance to your special day, Cory loves to provide musical accompaniment before, during, and after wedding ceremonies. He is happy to accommodate song requests and recommendations, or you can let him define a suitable set list.  

Pricing will be determined after a consultation with the wedding planners, but a base rate of $125 covers the first hour of playing, with additional time billed at $75 per hour.

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Live Performances

If you're looking for a guitarist to accompany your own vocal or instrumental performances, or you need a professionally minded musician to headline a show, check-in with Cory to see if he can contribute to the success of your event! With an ability to bring a distinctive sound to any project, you’ll love working with Cory.

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Cory Fraser - The Nomad, Take 2 (Calum Graham)

Cory Fraser - The Nomad, Take 2 (Calum Graham)

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Do you need musical accompaniment for a wedding, entertainment for a house party, or a session musician for recording? Get in touch with Cory to learn more about his musical styles, repertoire, rates and available dates.


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